Control the Power.


Dash Launcher

Your Private Launchpad.

The Dash Launcher of PolarOS is an intelligent hub for everything. It can do anything from launcher your applications to search your computer for files and folders. It will learn what you are looking for and help nudge you in the right direction. The Smart Dock is connected to the Dash Launcher and is always on the side of your screen or tucked away for maximum screen space. It will dock your favorite apps that you can have at a moments notice. In addition to holding your favorite application, the Smart Dock will also hold your current open application so you can switch between them quickly.


Amazing Apps for an Amazing Operating System.

It's Unbelievably Awesome.

PolarOS has so many amazing applications that are downloadable like Slack™, Synergy™, Atom™, and FireFox™. But there are not just work applications available for PolarOS there are also some awesome entertainment options like Steam™, Spotify™, and Minecraft™.  Not only can you download all of that, there are many per-installed applications installed like Chrome™ for surfacing the web safely, GIMP for editing your beautiful photos, and ThunderBird™ to check your email at home. You can download almost any application available on the web for PolarOS or Linux.



Office Suite

Business as usual.  

PolarOS is set up with a vast amount of apps to make you ready to work, with a whole offices suite at your disposal, that includes Writer documents, Calc speed sheets, Impress presentation, Draw, Math formula, and Base database. All of our apps are compatible with Microsoft Office and G Suite. You could be working on your presentation on G Suite and pick up right where you left off on your Polar computer then upload it right back up.

Want a device running PolarOS

Computers are everywhere, but you don't want your information everywhere. The Evolve allow you to just plug into any computer in the world, boot it up and there is all your information. Your files, your users, and your settings. Then you can unplug it and the Evolve remembers it not the computer. The next time you need you just plug it in, reboot and there is everything, right where you left off.

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