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You're Always Just One Plug Away.

The Evolve is a bootable USB built on top the best USB 3.0 technology. Running PolarOS3 Pocket which is customized to perform best on a Bootable USB and built on top the very popular Linux platform.

Life Tested

Anywhere. Anytime.

The Evolve is great for traveling. It has an optional encryption for your home folder, so if you lose it, your information is safe within the Evolve's beautiful rustic aluminum shell. On top of that it's magnetic resistant, shock absorbent and waterproof, so you won't have any problems on any terrain. Strap it to your shoe and go anywhere, with your digital footprint.

Water Proof

Shock Absorbent

Magnetic Resistant

For those who build.

Developers. Programers. Tech Enthusiast. 

The perfect device for anyone who loves to code, program, or design. It comes with PolarOS on it, which is a Linux distribution. All you need is a bios supported computer or any computer that allows USB boot drives. Once you have that all you do is plug it in and boot it up. Then, there is all your information, applications, and files.

I legit threw this at a wall and I thought I lost it, so my friends and I left. It snowed that night and it was below freezing. When we came back the next morning we found it in the snow with ice on it. We plugged it in and it still worked!Connor Harrison

Access Home Folder as Partition.

On All Device.

Let's say maybe your on a device that doesn't allow you to boot to a USB like a Raspberry Pi or you just need to print a quick file on a computer that has custom drivers to print to a printer. Well no problem, the home folder is stored on a NTFS partition so it can be read by Windows, Linux, MacOSX and PolarOS.





Rasberry Pi


Operating System

PolarOS3 Crescent Wind 

PolarOS is built on top of a secure UNIX kernel. The efficiency of PolarOS and its advanced multitasking features is thanks to its powerful system manager. Multi workspaces and full multitasking screens give you a desktop that is really productive. The Dash Menu allows you to search documents, photos, and videos or even launch applications.

Evolve Bootable USB

The Evolve is based on operating system level technology that is on a high-speed portable drive. Plug into any desktop and start right in on your work. The Evolve is like a computer that stores all your software, settings, and files. You just plug it in and reboot the computer to the Evolve.

  • 32GB Evolve running PolarOS3 Crescent Wind
  • 2GB Evolve Side Drive¹
  • Manual and free Polar Support²

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      1. The 2GB Evolve Side Drive is part of the 32GB total.   2. No warranty is promised, but we will try to help you the best we can