Evan Sellers

CEO and Founder

My name is Evan Sellers and I am 15 years old. I am the CEO and founder of Polar Computers Incorporated. I do just about a little everthing, I mostly program PolarOS and do web design. Ever since I can remember I have been taking things apart, they don't also go back they way they should. I feel the hardware on the inside should be just as beautiful as it is on the outside and the user experience needs to be met with computer power, design, and software. In the past couple year's computer design, innovation, and pure genius has been forgotten in the design. So, I have founded Polar on those core principles. Our computers will not only be the flagship of the computer industry but a statement of design and elegance.


Matthew Patrohay 

Vice President 

Hello. I'm Matthew Patrohay, age 16, and currently hold the position of Executive Director and CEO/ Vice President here at Polar Computers Inc. I have been part of the company since the very start and have focused mainly on any sort of hardware or visual aspects of design within our products, advertisements, or OS. I usually 3d model, render, and animate any products seen in commercials as well as create many of our main company logos and some of the app icons. I also deal with a lot of the physical parts of the computer such as wiring or the materials chosen for reliability and overall look. I have taught myself about electronics mainly through hardware work such as creating radio controlled vehicles. Another thing I do is film, if you ever see a company video… I was part of the production.




Connor Harrison

Director of Engineering

I'm Connor Harrison with Polar Computers Inc. I've been with Polar for about 2 years now, working solely as an adviser and outside perspective for the first year or so. I enjoy swimming and spending time with friends in my free time. 


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