How to setup and use the Evolve

First, to start using the Evolve you have to plug it into a computer. You will need to plug it into one of the USBs on your computer. It is always best to plug it into a USB 3.0, this is because a USB 3.0 is way faster than a USB 2.0, and will lead to faster performance (Most USB 3.0 are blue). From there this article will take you through how to set it up and boot it. After finishing this article, if you still have problems feel free to contact us.

Legacy Setup

  1. Reboot your computer and open the BootMenu. Open the BootMenu by pressing the appropriate HotKey. In some cases, the HotKey that needs to be press is show on the screen (For example the one shown below). In other cases they are not, the usual HotKeys are F11F12F1ESCShift, also we have provided a list Here of different computer models and their HotKeys.
  2. After you have open the BootMenu select the Drive label one of the following
    • JetFlashTranscend 32GB
    • Ubuntu
    • USB Storage Device
    • N/A
  3. If one of those options doesn't show up then your computer is most likely running UEFI and this will need to be disabled to boot. Please following the steps below to do this. 


You only need to go through UEFI Setup if the first method didn't work. You need to disable UEFI Secure boot. Here are some answers to some questions you may have.

What is secure boot?
What is UEFI?
What is a BIOS?

UEFI Setup

Follow steps below to access UEFI settings to disable legacy secure boot control in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 8. Note that the Secure Boot option must be set to "Disabled" or "Off" to allow you to boot from external media correctly.

Hold down either Shift keys while clicking on Restart, available from any Power icon. You can do this from any power option menu. You only have to go through this setup once after that you can use the Legacy Boot Mode.

Now you will be presented with the Chose an option screen. Simply select Troubleshoot and then Advanced options in Troubleshoot. In Advanced options menu, choose UEFI Firmware settings. Then click on Restart button to reboot your system in UEFI settings.

Now your PC have been booted into UEFI utility, move to boot on the top menu and here you can see the option to turn off secure boot in Windows 10. Use the arrow key to go to Secure Boot option and then press enter to select it. Use + or – to change its value.



Depending on the motherboard's BIOS/EFI firmware, the Secure Boot option will be found on the "Boot", "Security", or "Authentication" page.


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Mac OSX Setup

To use the Evolve on Mac OSX you need to install rEFInd. Follow the following instruction Provided by


rEFInd is a boot manager that will allow you to choose between Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and other operating systems when you boot your computer. Installing rEFInd makes the dual-boot process easier. (Some older how-to’s will instruct you to use rEFIt, but it’s no longer maintained. rEFInd is a currently maintained boot manager based on rEFIt.)

Full-disk encryption causes problems with rEFIt, so you’ll need to disable full-disk encryption or do some extra work before installing rEFInd.

First, visit the rEFInd page on SourceForge and click the Download button to download the latest refind-bin-[version].zip file. Open a Terminal window by pressing Command + Space and, typing Terminal, and pressing Enter. Drag and drop the file from the downloaded zip file into the terminal window and press Enter to run it.


Shut down your Mac — a full shut down, not a restart — and boot it back up again. You should see the rEFInd boot manager screen.


Still having Problems?

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